Full Credit Repair Package:

Administration/Credit Audit one-time fee: $99 Monthly fee: $69

Click the link to submit your one-time fee of $99: https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/75r1380hafz6

 **Once fee is made a link will automatically be sent to you to schedule your call to go over your report & the steps on how to pull your report.**

25 min Consultation [General info on process / Credit Report Audit/ Q&A]

Credit Repair [We dispute & delete misleading & outdated accounts]

Credit Counseling ["Digging Deep" To Discover What Improvements Need To Be Made Regarding Your Finances]

Once A Month Scheduled Accountability Chats

Weekly Positive Affirmations & Credit Tips To Help You Increase Your Credit Score and Savings

PRAYER (We All Need It!) 

Secure card

The BEST Credit Builder Secure Card. Boost Your Score Fast. Instant approval.

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**To see the best results with the card, please make sure you keep your utilization between 10%-30% and make all payments on time!**


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